The Case for Lean Portfolio Management Part 1 - Traditional Project Selection is Slow and Expensive

This article will be the first in a series on Lean Portfolio Management. Today we’ll start by talking about the problems inherit in the traditional project selection process and how Lean Portfolio Management can help.

Traditionally, approval of large projects is done once a year and aligned to the corporate budget cycle. This process can cause several problems for an organization whose goal is to be responsive in the marketplace.

Powerful Questions for Leaders Entering Agile Transformations

In many ways, “Agile” has become a victim of its own success. C level executives now pursue “Agile” as the silver bullet to fix their companies, often without really understanding what organizational agility looks like or the sacrifices necessary to move in that direction. If you’re considering leading an effort to increase agility in your organization, here are some questions that are vital to ask before heading out. The answers your senior leaders give you to these questions can help you understand if you have the support to really make agile practices stick in your organization.